Norfolk: Armed Robbers Ordered To Pay Back £30k

11 April 2013, 05:00

Four men have been told to pay back thirty thousand pounds after an armed robbery in Norfolk.

Four men must pay back a total of £30,000 after stealing jewellery in an armed raid in King's Lynn town centre.

The men from London robbed Francis Wain jewellers, using a sledgehammer and a handgun and setting off smoke in the street on Tuesday 31 January 2012. Collectively they were sentenced to almost 40 years in prison in November 2012.

On Wednesday 10 April 2013, at Norwich Crown Court Judge Jacobs agreed that each man benefitted from the robbery by £68,583.74. The confiscation order for each man was set at £7,500 and they have six months to pay. If any of them fail to pay, they will have an additional four months imprisonment added to their sentences.

Detective Inspector Sean Coyne of the Norfolk and Suffolk Financial Investigation Unit said: "This order should serve as a warning that crime does not pay and that we will pursue offenders not only through prosecution, but then by the confiscation of assets gained through criminality. Norfolk Constabulary is committed to tackling organised crime groups and ensuring that any criminal benefits and assets are taken from them."