Norfolk County Council Left Without Leader

14 May 2013, 06:01 | Updated: 14 May 2013, 06:16

Norfolk County Council have failed to elect a new leader but insisting to Heart all normal day to day services will continue as normal.

An extraordinary meeting of Norfolk County Council will be held on Friday 24 May at 10am after the Full Council yesterday failed to elect a new Leader of the Authority.

A proposal from the Conservative group for its group leader Bill Borrett to become Leader of the Council was defeated by 43 votes to 40.

This followed the County Council elections on 2 May which left no party in overall control. The new Council was elected as follows: Conservative 40, UKIP 15, Labour 14, Liberal Democrat 10, Green 4 and Independent 1 (total 84 seats).

Acting Managing Director Anne Gibson said that although yesteday's leadership vote left Norfolk County Council with no political group in control, day to day county council business and services would continue: "The County Council's Constitution sets out how the Authority will function at a time when no party is in control and our officers are following these procedures. At the request of Members, the election of a Leader has been deferred. An additional meeting of the County Council is to be held on 24 May when the matter will be reconsidered."