Norfolk: Man Jailed

23 November 2012, 14:53

A Norfolk man's been jailed for 21 months for playing a part in a gang who preyed on elderly and vulnerable people.

56 year old Trevor Nockolds, of Joseph Close Court, Market Place, Aylsham, was found guilty of eight counts of money laundering earlier on this week at Norwich Crown Court. 

Nockolds was a member of an organised crime group who committed rogue trader offences in Cambridgeshire and six neighbouring counties.  Operation Magpie, a two year joint operation between Cambridgeshire County Council's Trading Standards service and officers from Cambridgeshire Police, became aware of Nockolds following an Operation Radar investigation in Norfolk.  

Enquiries revealed that Nockolds was one of several money launderers, used by the group, to convert any victim cheques into cash by passing them through their own personal accounts. This Nockolds did for the offenders on eight separate occasions to the tune of £23,700. 

Steve Matthews, Operation RADAR, who led the Norfolk based enquiry, welcomed the conviction saying: "There are many different facets to rogue trading from the person who calls at the door to the person behind the scenes who launders the money.  

"This case highlights the latter and shows Norfolk Constabulary's commitment to combating rogue trading whatever the form and however the criminal is involved. Through its Operation RADAR team, who operate with a multi agency approach, Norfolk Police will always fully investigate and look to prosecute anyone committing such offences. This case is a fine example of that commitment and such multi agency work."