Norfolk: Man Tells Heart About His Bullying

19 November 2012, 16:00

A man's been telling Heart how he was bullied so badly at school, it left him developing an eating disorder.

20 year old Jamie Pye was at school when he was bullied about the way he looked.

He was so affected by the teasing that it led to him having an eating disorder.

He told his parents about it after he'd had enough of being picked on and they went into his school to make the teachers aware of it. 

Jamie also went to the charity BEAT, who help people and their families in dealing with eating disorders, and that gave him the confidence to make a full recovery as well as speak out about his experiences and want to help other people who are affected by this.

It's after it was revealed that one in three young people have been bullied over the internet.

There are fresh calls for parents to learn more about what their children get up to - and for social networking sites to better protect users.

Jamie Pye Talks To Heart

If you or anyone that you know wants to talk to someone about eating disorders, you can go

For help and support, you can call their helpline:

For the Adult Helpline, please call 0845 634 1414. This helpline is available to anyone over the age of 18, and is open Monday to Friday, 10.30am to 8.30pm and Saturdays 1.00 pm - 4.30pm. Alternatively, you can email

For the Youthline, please call 0845 634 7650. The Youthline is available to anyone aged 25 or under, and is open Monday to Friday evenings from 4.30pm to 8.30pm and Saturdays 1.00pm - 4.30pm. The Youthline also offers a Text service on 07786 20 18 20 - send us a message and we will get back to you within 24 hours. There is also a Youthline email service at