Norfolk: Parents Promised A Refund After School Closure Alert Failure

23 January 2013, 06:00

Parents in Norfolk are being promised a refund after the Norfolk County Council school closure alert system sent dozens of text messages.

Each text message costs 25pence and some families had as many as 40.

Norfolk County Council have told Heart the system struggled to keep up with the number of school closure texts it had to send and every time it got overloaded it started the sending process again.

The system is linked to the website that lists the school closures and that went down for 40 minutes on Monday morning.

Now the County Council say the text system has been suspended which should also fix the problems on the website.

They are also planning to contact the 2,500 people affected to offer a refund.

Heart reporter Hannah Griffiths spoke to Joanna Hannam from Norfolk County Council:

joanna hannam ncc text messages