Norfolk: Police Investigate Savile Abuse Claims

18 October 2012, 16:26 | Updated: 18 October 2012, 17:22

Police in Norfolk have confirmed they're looking into abuse claims against Jimmy Savile.

Its emerged police in our region are investigating claims of abuse by Jimmy Savile.

Norfolk Police say they've had three calls which they've passed on to the national investigation team.

Norfolk Police told Heart: "Norfolk Constabulary has received three calls describing incidents involving Jimmy Savile. Two of these are reported to have happened in Norfolk and the third in another county. 

"All information has been passed to the Metropolitan Police for their ongoing investigation. Incidents such as these currently being reported in the media do cause people to think back and consider any incidents they may have experienced in the past. 

"All reports of historic sexual abuse received by the Constabulary are treated seriously and investigated thoroughly, with specially trained officers and partner agencies available to offer support."

Norfolk County Council told Heart: “We would encourage anyone who wishes to raise concerns - no matter how historic - to come forward and contact the police. We cannot comment on individual cases”.

Its thought the late TV presenter may have abused unto 60 people since 1959.

The BBC has ordered three reviews while the police investigation is continuing.