Norfolk: School's Facebook Warning

10 October 2012, 16:06 | Updated: 10 October 2012, 16:34

A norwich school is warning parents not to put comments on Facebook and Twitter which could land them in hot water.

One of the region's schools is telling parents not to put dodgy comments on facebook or twitter about them - or they could face legal action.

Drayton Community Infant school in Norwich has sent a letter to mums and dads saying any derogatory comments will be referred to Norfolk County Council's legal team.

Ian Coleman is the chairman of the governers He says its in everyone's best interests... 

Ian Coleman Chairman of Governors


A spokesman for Norfolk County Council, said: "The County Council has had an e-safety toolkit available online for some time, as well as links to guidance for teachers from other organisations about use of social media. Schools can use these resources as they see fit.

"The County Council has not suggested that all schools issue the letter in question."