Norfolk Showground Exhibition Hall Revamp

12 October 2011, 05:00

The Norfolk Showground is telling Heart that they're hoping to bring more big acts to East Anglia in the future with the refurbishment of their Exhibition Hall for the winter.

The showground is beginning work on acoustically cladding the building for concerts, a new reception area and inside toilets. They want to bring bigger artists to East Anglia in the winter each year as the bigger gigs are usually in the summer months and outdoors.

The first show is a Comedy Christmas Cracker with Jason Manford and other comedians on Friday the 9th December.

The first music gig is Peter Andre on Saturday the 10th December.

He has been telling Heart what we can expect to see from the show.

You can find out what he has in store by listening below.

Peter Andre Speaks To Heart About Norfolk Gig