Norfolk: Winter Social Media Service

3 November 2011, 05:00

Norfolk County Council has started a new social media service giving winter updates, activities and warnings on Twitter and Facebook.

It is estimated that more than 337,500 Norfolk residents now use Facebook alone.

The County Council will add regular updates to both social media platforms about things like gritting and changes to services, such as libraries or day centres, as well other information about winter events.

The County Council is also inviting other organisations across Norfolk to join in too and add their winter-related news and information, by using the hashtag #Norfolkwinter on Twitter, or by posting to the Norfolk community Facebook page at

The Facebook page hosts Norfolk County Council's school closure's feed, which can also be viewed directly at

People are also being invited to join the Flickr group 'Norfolk winter' at, and post their best winter pictures over the coming months.

A page has also been created on the Norfolk County Council website at to signpost people to winter-related information from the County Council and partner organisations. The page will be updated and developed throughout the winter months.

James Carswell, Norfolk County Council Cabinet Member for Cultural Services, Customer Service and Communications, said: "We know that Norfolk residents like to get information in many different ways - online, face-to-face or by telephone - and Norfolk winter won’t replace any of the more traditional ways we get information to people.

But we know that for many people, Facebook and Twitter have become their preferred method of following the latest news and updates and we want to it to be as easy as possible for them to find out when the gritters are gearing up for a run or if a museum or library is planning a free fun Christmas holiday event.

We also want residents to be able to get as much information as possible all in one place, so we are inviting partners, such as the NHS, to share their updates using the #Norfolkwinter hashtag or by posting on the community Facebook page."