Norfolk Woman in Aussie Floods

A Norfolk woman caught up in the worst floods in Australia for a generation has been speaking to Heart.

Thousands of people are being evacuated from Brisbane as the city is hit by the worst floods of a generation.

Thousands of people are being evacuatated and almost 20,000 homes are expected to be swamped as floodwaters continue to rise in Brisbane.

At least 22 people have died and more than 50 are missing in Queensland after torrential rains which have drenched the state since November forced rivers to burst their banks, inundating an area larger than France and Germany combined.

Floodwater levels in the city are expected to peak today at 4am local time, or 6pm our time, at more than 5 metres high.

Julie from Norwich is on holiday in Brisbane, staying in a top floor apartment overlooking the Brisbane River. She told Heart about the situation in the city:

"The road has just been filling all day, it's completely flooded over and the police have sectioned the road off. All day we've been able to see things floating down the river, people's boats and trees, loads of things floating down the river.

We've got no power, and we've had a text through from our friends mum saying the city's only got 2 days water, so we're trying to ration water. We're just sitting here with candles, we've got no light, no power, it's pretty dark outside."