Norfolk's Big Conversation

26 October 2010, 11:08 | Updated: 26 October 2010, 15:14

After announcing cuts of more than 3000 jobs between now and 2014, Norfolk County Council has opened 'Norfolk's Big Conversation' with residents today.

The aim of the conversation is to get the residents' views on proposals being made after last week's Comprehensive Spending Review, which announced an average 7.1% reduction in local government spending over the next four years. 

The changes are thought to include a large reduction in costs and a reshaping of council services. The Council say that after the cuts have taken affect they will become much more streamlined and efficient in the way they work and that reshaping its priorities is the only thing that they can do during the biggest reduction in public service spending since the 1970s. Ian Mackie, Deputy Leader of the County Council and Cabinet Member for Finance and Performance, said: "In order to protect as many frontline services as possible, we plan to strip back spending on overheads and management costs."

The Council wants to explore different areas with the residents of Norfolk, including how to build on the county's strong tradition for community service, as well as finding out how they can effectively protect the general public and assess people's needs.

'Norfolk's Big Conversation' is running until Monday 10th January, and will allow people to give their views on the council's suggestions. As well as meeting with various businesses and community groups, there will be a chance for people to make comments through the residents' magazine, 'Your Norfolk', which will be delivered to homes in December.

There is an online discussion forum at, where people can also share their views. The proposals and responses will be debated throughout January and also at a meeting with the full Council on February 14th.