Norfolk/Suffolk: 5 People Killed By Drink Drivers

31 May 2013, 06:00

As the police reveal 5 people have been killed in the last year because of drink drivers, officers have begun their summer drink drive campaign.

Officers are leading a month-long campaign, which joins with police forces across the country and the continent for a Europe-wide crackdown.

Assistant Chief Constable Charlie Hall said: "After the recent poor weather, many people will be taking the opportunity to enjoy the longer evenings and meet up with friends for a drink after work and at the weekend. If the sun starts shining it will very quickly become barbecue season, and for younger people June sees the end of exams and studying for the summer.

"With all of this can come the temptation to drink and drive. It is simply not worth it; if you are convicted of drinking and driving you will receive a driving ban, a fine or a custodial sentence and the conviction will affect your job prospects. You could injure yourself or others, or worse - alcohol was a factor in the deaths of five people on Norfolk and Suffolk's roads last year."

During last year's June campaign, 2989 drivers were breath tested and 118 tested positive. Mr Hall hopes that the numbers will fall, as numbers of people killed and seriously injured on the counties' roads has fallen.

"Whilst it is pleasing that there have been nearly 50 fewer people hurt on Norfolk and Suffolk's roads in collisions involving alcohol during the last financial year, 115 people were still killed or injured, and this is unacceptable and why we continue to work with our partners at Think! Norfolk and Suffolk Roadsafe to educate drivers.

"This month there will be nowhere for drink drivers to hide, and no excuses. Officers will be on patrol in both counties with the specific tasking to stop any driver who causes them concern, whether it be as a result of their manner of driving or because their car has a defect .They will then carry out a breath test as appropriate. All drivers involved in collisions will also be tested.

"We want everyone to think twice before getting into their car - officers will be on duty and will stop and breath test you. To get home safely, take a taxi or public transport after drinking, or simply do not drink at all."

These are the latest figures from Norfolk and Suffolk - they look at the last year between April 2012 and March 2013:

Injury collisions involving alcohol

5 deaths, 19 serious injuries, 91 slight injuries - Total: 115

Injury collisions involving drugs

0 deaths, 4 serious injuries, 6 slight injuries - Total: 10

Overall injury collisions

57 deaths, 557 serious injuries, 2844 slight injuries - Total: 3458