Norwegian Teenager On Country's Attacks

26 July 2011, 15:57 | Updated: 26 July 2011, 16:37

A teenager from Norway who now lives in Norfolk has been speaking to Heart about Friday's attacks in the country.

Julie Skevik is living in Aldborough in North Norfolk at the moment with her British boyfriend and has been telling Heart about how she responded when she heard about them.

More than 60 people - including teenagers - were killed after a shooting at a youth camp on an island near the capital Oslo and another 8 after a car bomb explosion in the city itself.

Julie told Heart that she had some friends at the camp on the island and had to wait two hours to find out they were okay: "I wanted to text him, I wanted to call him but it said on facebook that we shouldn't try to contact anyone at the island because they were trying to hide from the shooter, so if you called them that would put their lives at risk. If you were hiding from a shooter you wouldn't want your phone to go off obviously. I was really shocked because I never thought anything like this could happen in Norway."

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