Norwich Boxer Accused Of Offering To Throw Fights

Norfolk boxer Herbie Hide’s being accused of offering an undercover journalist the chance to throw a fight for £1 million.

The allegations printed in the Sun newspaper today centre around a conversation filmed by an undercover journalist.
During the film the undercover journalist is also offered drugs for sale from a man who claims to be an associate of Mr Hide’s.
Norfolk Police have confirmed to Heart that they are looking at information given to them about drugs activity.
In a statement they told Heart: “We have on Saturday 23 February, been handed information in the form of two short sections of video concerning alleged drug activity. The material appears to relate to an incident on 31 January 2013. The Police are examining this and working with the provider of the information to investigate the full circumstances.  Norfolk Constabulary takes allegations of illegal drug activity seriously and information passed to police is thoroughly investigated.”
At the moment Herbie Hide has not publicly responded to any of the allegations.