Norwich: Colour Blind Study

18 June 2012, 05:45 | Updated: 18 June 2012, 06:10

A team of researchers are looking for people with colour blindness to help with a new study.

The scientists at the University of East Anglia are looking for volunteers to aid research into enabling colour-blind people to see more clearly.

A team of researchers, led by Prof Graham Finlayson and Dr Roberto Montagna in the UEA’s School of Computing Sciences in Norwich, is looking for a wide range of people suffering from colour-blindness to take part in the study.

The research is hoping to understand the way in which people see complex images, and how this vision could be improved so more details can be seen.

It is hoped that the study will be used to design tools to help colour-blind people to see images more like someone with normal vision, which could be sold in the future.

Dr Montagna said: “The help of colour-blind people is crucial for us. Although scientists have come up with many ways to simulate colour-blind vision, these examples are not as useful to our research as the participation of real people.

“We are really hoping that the support of colour-blind people will enable us to advance the current state of the art in colour-blind vision enhancement”

Volunteers would need to participate in an hour-long, three-part experiment on the UEA campus, including a colour vision test, an image preference study and a study looking at detecting details.

It would take approximately one hour, with a further 30 minute session possible at a later date. Volunteers will receive a small reimbursement as acknowledgement for their support.

The only prerequisite for volunteers is that they must suffer from colour-blindness.

For more information, or to volunteer for the study, contact Dr Montagna on 01603 592446 or email