Norwich Drink Spiking Warning

2 July 2010, 11:18 | Updated: 2 July 2010, 11:52

Advice cards are getting handed out in Norwich this weekend to try and keep people safe from drink spiking.

The 'fun in the sun' cards are being handed out with advice about how to avoid being a victim of 'spiking' or 'lacing'.

Norfolk Drug and Alcohol Action Team's tips for a safe night out include:

·        Stay with someone you know and trust,

·        Try and make sure a member of your party stays sober and in control,

·        Don’t mix your drinks or drink and drugs,

·        Make plans for your return journey home and keep some money back for emergencies and, of course,

·        Don’t leave your drinks unattended.

Project Director, Gavin Tempest, said, “There has always been an issue around, what used to be called, ‘lacing drinks’ where strong liquor was added to someone’s drink. We also know drugs such as ‘ghb’ and ‘rohipnol’ are in circulation and these have been labeled ‘date rape drugs’.

Police say they are aware of a handful of cases where women have become ill and such drugs have been found in their system later.

Gavin added, “It promises to be a great summer period in Norwich and our market towns and this has very much been ‘kicked off’ by festivities with the screening of the World Cup. Although there will always be a minority who will get into trouble – we want to do everything possible to minimise the risk of becoming a potential victim. “