Norwich : Emergency Exercise At Airport

2 November 2011, 05:00

Emergency plans are being put to the test during a major emergency exercise at Norwich International Airport.

The exercise will start at 10.00am today and is expected to finish at 2.00pm.

Norwich Airport Operations Director Richard Pace said: "Norwich International Airport is required to undertake an exercise such as this every two years in order to satisfy the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). This exercise, which will involve a simulated incident air-side, has been planned to meet CAA regulatory requirements and exercise our arrangements with external emergency services."

"It is essential that we have plans in place to deal with emergencies to ensure the best response possible. Such plans are best validated through emergency exercises and we are extremely fortunate that in Norfolk there is a commitment from the emergency services and other emergency responders to work together in this way."

All of the airport employees, local emergency services, Red Cross and local authorities will be involved in the exercise.