Norwich: Gardens Searched For Knife Used In Bank Robbery

17 September 2013, 12:14

Police are continuing to search a residential area in Norwich to find a weapon used in a knifepoint robbery yesterday.

It follows an incident at the Norwich and Peterborough Building Society in Plumstead Road at about 4.50pm (16 September) where a man threatened staff before getting away with a quantity of cash.

A customer managed to leave the bank during the incident to raise the alarm.

A man was seen acting suspiciously in Borrowdale Drive and ran on seeing police sparking a foot-chase through back gardens in the area of Dugard Road and Riseway Close.

The man, aged 42, was detained after being tasered by police and arrested in connection with the incident at 5.50pm.

Detectives Inspector Richard Graveling, from Norwich CID, called on local residents to be on the look-out for items of clothing and a knife which the suspect is believed to have dropped during the chase.

He said: "We know this man has been in people's back gardens as he ran from police and the concern is that people may not realise there is a potentially dangerous weapon in their garden.

"I would encourage people living in the area to be aware of this incident and check areas outside. If anyone comes across clothing or the weapon please do not touch it and call police immediately."

Officers carried out a brief search of the area last night and further searches will be carried out this morning in a bid to recover the knife.

Anyone with information concerning the incident or recovered items should contact Norwich CID on 101.