Norwich: Man Jailed For Burglaries And Robbery

24 March 2014, 15:48 | Updated: 24 March 2014, 16:13

A burglar who robbed a woman after breaking into her house in Norwich has been jailed for six years.

Lee Holden, of Heathgate in Norwich, admitted six burglaries and robbery and also had a further burglary taken into consideration when he was sentenced at Norwich Crown Court today (Monday 24 March).

The 37-year-old broke into an address on Sallow Lane in Kirby Bedon on the morning of Wednesday 5 February. Whilst he was inside the owner returned, and he confronted her, threatening her and forcing her to open a safe. He ripped her handbag off her shoulder and shut her hand in his car door when she tried to retrieve jewellery he had taken.

A description of Holden and his vehicle were taken and police found that he'd also been disturbed the previous week trying to break into a house in Morton on the Hill near Taverham. On 27 January the owner of the property on Fakenham Road found Holden trying to break in through a window, but he left empty handed.

Holden was arrested on 6 February and was also charged with these offences plus four other burglaries:

  • On 27 January he broke into a house on Folgate Close in Costessey and stole jewellery, cash, a purse, a watch and an MP3 player

  • On 2 February he stole a tablet, a safe, a mobile phone and two digital cameras from a house on Church Road in Postwick which he broke into

  • On 4 February he broke into two houses on Wroxham Road in Norwich, stealing a watch and jewellery from one property

At court Holden also asked for Judge Coleman to take into consideration a further burglary when sentencing – he stole items including a guitar, medals, a TV and jewellery from a house on The Street in Framingham Pigot on 13 January.

Investigating officer, Detective Constable Lisa Gough, said: "Holden had a complete disregard for his victims, breaking into their homes to steal sentimental items like jewellery and medals. When confronted his offending escalated into violence - intimidating, threatening and ultimately physically injuring the lady in Kirby Bedon.

"This was a traumatic experience for his victims who had to return home to find Holden had invaded their homes and rifled through personal belongings. Your home is where you are meant to feel safest, and I hope that now Holden is behind bars his victims can move on and feel safe once again.”