Norwich: Man Jailed For Threatening Gas Men With A Knife

22 January 2014, 16:13 | Updated: 22 January 2014, 16:20

A man's been jailed for threatening men who'd come to shut off the gas at a kebab shop in Norwich.

Mehmet Alper, of Russeel Street, Norwich, appeared at the city’s crown court on Monday for sentencing after being convicted of three offences last month.
Alper, 39, had denied charges of threatening a person with a blade and two counts of assault but was found guilty by a jury on 20 December.
The charges related to an incident which happened on 12 June last year when gas workers went to a kebab shop in Watling Road to switch off the supply when they were threatened by Alber with an 18-inch kebab knife and pushed.
Police were called the scene and Alper was arrested and taken into custody for questioning. He was later charged with two counts of assault and threatening a person with a blade or sharply pointed article in a public place – a new offence which came into effect in December 2012 and carries a minimum mandatory sentence of six months.
Alper was sentenced to nine months imprisonment and ordered to pay £100 victim surcharge. The court also ordered for the destruction of the knife.