Norwich: Man Jailed For Riverside Rape

4 January 2013, 16:28 | Updated: 4 January 2013, 16:35

A man's been jailed for raping a woman and throwing her into a river in Norwich last June.

29 year old Adrian Olley has been sentenced to serve a minimum of five and a half years after being found guilty of rape.

He had attacked his victim, who was known to him, after getting into the same taxi as her.

When she got out on Riverside Road he followed her before throwing her into the river, close to Bishop Bridge and then raping her.
Following the assault he fled the scene, leaving the victim to be found by members of the public.

She was left with 45 separate injuries. Olley will not be eligible to apply for parole for at least five and half years - he also received an indefinite restraining order.

Detective Inspector Ross McDermott, head of the Constabulary’s Rape Investigation Unit, welcomed the conviction saying: “This was a challenging case for the Constabulary, dealing with a very vulnerable lady who had disclosed a violent rape in Norwich, causing significant trauma to her and her family.

“It should be noted that officers arrived on scene quickly and preserved significant evidence, key to ensuring that this case was successful at court. The officers who have worked on this case tirelessly to maintain and develop the evidence for this trial since the offence took place in June 2012 should also be praised.

“I hope that the strength of the victim in coming forward and supporting the police investigation throughout, will provide an example to any other victims of similar offences and shows that by working together, we can and will bring dangerous perpetrators to justice.”