Norwich: New Appeal to Find Missing Mum

17 July 2012, 00:00 | Updated: 17 July 2012, 06:17

Norfolk Police are making a new appeal to try and track down a new mum who vanished soon after giving birth at the Norfolk and Norwich hospital more than two years ago.

Polish woman Agnieszka Marciniaki, 32, was last seen at the hospital at around 11.30am on Saturday 30 January 2010. Agnieszka had just given birth to a baby girl and told medics that she would return to the hospital once she had had gathered some possessions.   

Agnieszka was described as white, with a round face and short dark hair and had a good grasp of the English language. She arrived in the UK from Poland in the last week of January and it was believed she had connections with friends in the Lakenham and Tuckswood area of Norwich. The images we released at the time have been attached. 

Sgt Steve King, Wymondham Police Station, who is reviewing the case said: 

“Agnieszka Marciniaki disappearance still concerns us two and half years and we would still like to locate her.  I am once again appealing to anyone who knowsAgnieszka or anyone who has information to contact us.  I also appeal to Agnieszka herself to contact us.  I would stress that she is not in trouble and can return without fear that she will be arrested." 

Agnieszka Marciniaki

Anyone with any information into Agnieszka’s whereabouts should call Wymondham Police Station on 101.