Norwich: Police look into Racist Chants

23 January 2012, 06:47 | Updated: 23 January 2012, 06:53

A man has been arrested after claims of racist chanting by a group of football fans on a train.

A man has been arrested in connection with the alleged incident by a group of Chelsea football fans on a train back from the club's 0-0 draw against Norwich City on Saturday afternoon.

British Transport Police (BTP) said one man is now being spoken and a spokesman said officers were still looking for other people involved in the alleged incident.

In a statement made yesterday before the arrest, BTP said: ``We were made aware of the incident on board the 1600 Norwich to London Liverpool Street service.
``It is alleged that some individuals were involved in racist chanting.
``British Transport Police has contacted the individual concerned who made the allegations and an investigation is ongoing.''

Chelsea say they will take action against any fans proved to be involved in racist chanting. A statement on their website read: ``Chelsea Football Club is concerned to hear that a small number of fans travelling back by train from Norwich were alleged to be involved in racist chants and comment.

``We are working to help the relevant authorities identify those responsible and will take the strongest possible action should these allegations prove to be true.
``The club, like the overwhelming majority of our fans, strongly believe that all forms of discrimination are abhorrent and have absolutely no place in society.''