Norwich: Protests Over Legal Aid Cuts Close Road

5 October 2013, 06:59 | Updated: 5 October 2013, 07:11

A campaign group opposed to changes to legal aid are setting up a roadblock in Norwich.

Anti-cuts direct action group UK Uncut is to stage a number of roadblock protests across the country today in opposition to the Government's proposed changes to legal aid.

The activists said the coalition's reforms have come under increasing criticism, which had forced some changes.

But UK Uncut said it was going ahead with its demonstrations, which it warned will be disruptive.

Protesters will block roads in London, Manchester, Liverpool, Cambridge, Hull, Northampton and Norwich.

UK Uncut spokesman Jim Thompson said: "The Government's proposals will destroy legal aid, blocking access to justice for all but the rich.

"We know that our roadblocks for justice protests will be disruptive. We know that they will stop the traffic. But we also know that this kind of direct action works to make the Government take notice.''

A Ministry of Justice spokesman said: "We have one of the best legal professions in the world, but cannot close our eyes to the fact that - at around £2 billion - legal aid is costing too much.

"The Government's legal aid reforms will create a sustainable legal aid system that will still be one of the most generous in the world. We want to ensure the limited public funds available are targeted at those cases and people who need it most.

"At a time when major financial challenges are being felt by businesses and households across the country, the legal sector cannot be immune from the Government's commitment to getting better value for every penny of taxpayers' money we spend.''