Norwich Train Crash: Train Travelling 'Too Fast'

26 July 2013, 18:01 | Updated: 26 July 2013, 18:15

Initial investigations have revealed a train crash at Norwich Station last weekend happened because it was travelling too fast.

Eight people were injured when the train from Great Yarmouth crashed into a stationary train waiting at Norwich Station.  None of the injuries are thought to be serious.

The preliminary report by the Rail Accident Investigation Branch said:

"At about 00:10 hrs on Sunday 21 July 2013, train 2C45, the 23:34 hrs service from Great Yarmouth to Norwich, collided with a stationary train at about 8 mph (13 km/h) as it entered into platform 6 at Norwich station. The stationary train was stabled in the platform (ie it was empty and had been placed out of service until needed next). The collision pushed the stabled train about 1.5 metres, against a second stabled train, causing damage to the trains' couplers. There were 34 passengers on train 2C45; eight of those who suffered injuries were taken to hospital. The train crew were uninjured.

"The train was operated by Greater Anglia and comprised a two-car class 156 diesel multiple unit. The trains stabled in platform 6 were two two-car class 158 diesel multiple units, which had arrived in Norwich earlier that evening.

"The RAIB's preliminary examination found that the collision occurred because the train was travelling too fast when it entered the platform. Consequently, it was unable to stop in time and collided with the stabled train. The RAIB also found that the length of unoccupied platform could not accommodate the full length of train 2C45.

"To date, no evidence has been found that the condition of the train or track played a part in the collision. Testing carried out on the signalling indicates that it operated as designed."