Parents meningitis warning

A dad from Watton is warning all parents in Norfolk and Suffolk to learn the key signs of meningitis.

Martin Neave’s daughter Caroline died of meningitis at the age of 18. As part of Meningitis Awareness Week, he is raising awareness and stressing the importance of recognising symptoms early on.

Caroline Neave from Watton died of meningococcal septicaemia. Although she had felt ill for several days, her family assumed it was the return of tonsillitis which she had had a few weeks before.

Martin said: “In the middle of the night we heard her stumbling about having been sick again. Knowing, instinctively, that this was more than just a bad head and sore throat, we went straight to the nearest hospital.  They diagnosed meningitis quite quickly as the tell tale red blotches had now appeared, for the first time. Caroline never regained consciousness and died in the intensive care unit.”

Research has shown that the public, especially students, are lacking life-saving knowledge and awareness. Students are in the group second most at risk of meningitis and yet more than a third of students do not even know whether they’ve been vaccinated against it.

A new iPhone app has been launched with a symptoms checker and emergency contact information in an attempt to get through to young adults.