Race For Life: Reminder to Donate

27 June 2011, 11:34

Have you been taking part in Race For Life this Summer? If so, then you're being urged to make sure you get in your sponsorship money, because pledges aren't always making their way to the cause.

It's been a fantastic year for Race for Life, with 5k events attended by thousands all across East Anglia in Norwich, Ipswich, and - yesterday - Bury St Edmunds.

However, Heart's been told that nearly one third of sponsorship money doesn't get to Cancer Research UK, and Vicki Brown from the charity is keen to remind runners and supporters to hand in their money, no matter how little they've managed to raise.

Vicki said: "Sadly, one in three people do not hand their sponsorship money in, which is just an incredible amount. The money's sat there, you ladies have got it, so the last little job we ask you is just to pay it in because it really will make a difference".

It's not too late to get your money in - you can donate online, by phone or by cheque. If you're unsure what to do with your sponsorship money, Heart's got some helpful hints on how to donate here.

If you took part yesterday in Bury St Edmunds, check out our picture galleries for the morning and afternoon and see if you can spot yourself. We also have loads of pictures from the Norwich and Ipswich events.