Sandringham: Police Investigation After ID Made

10 January 2012, 06:18 | Updated: 12 January 2012, 15:26

Norfolk police say they're focussing on the last movements of a teenager whose body was found at Sandringham on New Year's Day.

A teenager whose body was found on the Queen's estate at Sandringham may have died shortly after she disappeared.

Norfolk Police have identified the remains found at Sandringham as those of Latvian Alisa Dmitrijeva, 17, from Wisbech, who was last seen alive in King's Lynn on August 30.

Detective Chief Inspector Jes Fry said the force was now focusing its inquiries on a one-week window up to September 6.

Unconfirmed sightings and other evidence suggest she is unlikely to have lived beyond this date, he added.

Mr Fry said: ``Now that we have identified Alisa, we can carry out more focused inquiries to establish what happened to her.

``We particularly want to speak to anyone who may have seen Alisa between midday on August 30 and midnight on September 6.

``We know she was in both the King's Lynn and Wisbech areas during this time, and want to hear from anyone who has any information about her whereabouts over the eight days.''

Two men had already been interviewed as part of the investigation into Miss Dmitrijeva's disappearance, but are likely to be reinterviewed, he said.

They are known to have picked her up in a P-registered green Lexus in the early hours of August 31. This is thought to be the last confirmed sighting of her.

The men - described as acquaintances of Miss Dmitrijeva - told officers they dropped her off at Asda in Wisbech but this has not been confirmed by examination of CCTV footage.

DCI Jes Fry from Norfolk Police is leading the murder inquiry and spoke to Heart about what will happen next:

Sandringham murder investigation, what next?

DCI Jes Fry On Working With Cambridgeshire Police

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Police have now identified the body of a woman who was found at the Royal estate at Sandringham on New Year's Day.

An identification of the victim has been made by comparing detail from her palm with records held which have been further verified by DNA from her femur.

They have established that the victim is Alisa Dmitrijeva, aged 17 years old and from Wisbech in Cambridgeshire.

Yesterday, DCI Jes Fry, head of the Joint Norfolk and Suffolk Major Investigation Team, and who is leading the investigation into the case said: "Family Liaison Officers have been sent to meet with close family this morning (Sunday 8 January) to provide the update. I shall now be liaising with officers from Cambridgeshire who have been working on trying to locate Alisa in recent months as a missing person. The information they provide will give me and the team an extra focus to the enquiry.

"I should add we are still trying to establish any activity which took place on or around the site during the time frame of the end of August to the end of September 2011.

We would like to identify people who may have worked in that area or were involved in organising or running any specific events that may have taken place."

Alisa's family said in a brief statement: "We are devastated by the news of Alisa's death. We wish to grieve in private and don't want to speak with anyone from the press at this time."

Anyone with any information relating to the incident should contact the Joint Norfolk and Suffolk Major Investigation Team at Norfolk Constabulary on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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