Still Uncertainty For RAF Marham

Prime Minister David Cameron has refused to guarantee the future of the Norfolk RAF base which is at the centre of British operations in Libya.

RAF Marham has been threatened with closure under Ministry of Defence cuts to eliminate the record budget deficit.

However, last weekend Tornado GR4 ground attack planes flew on a 3,000-mile round trip from the station to strike Libyan air defences, as they helped enforce a no fly zone to stop leader Colonel Gadaffi attacking his own people.

Conservative Elizabeth Truss, whose South West Norfolk constituency includes the base, asked the Prime Minister: "Given the central role RAF Marham has played in securing a no-fly zone over Libya and the brave actions of our service personnel, despite the ongoing uncertainty of that base, isn't it time we confirmed the future of RAF Marham as a fast-jet base?''

Mr Cameron said Ms Truss made "a very strong case'', but other MPs would argue for RAF bases in their constituencies to be retained.

He added: "These decisions will be taken in due course by the Ministry of Defence."