Students Pledge to Fight On

10 December 2010, 13:08 | Updated: 10 December 2010, 14:55

Students from Norfolk and Suffolk are telling HEART that they are not going to give up their fight against planned education funding cuts and higher tuition fees.

Yesterday's controversial vote to raise tuition fees to up to £9000 has left students dismayed, but determined to carry on fighting against the government cuts to education. It is believed that the rise in fees will discourage those with the academic ability, but financial constraints, to go to university.

Earlier this week we heard from MP Norman Lamb saying that only certain institutions would be able to charge the full £9000, if they had good reason to do so and meet strict conditions. However, unions are still concerned that this will still deter students.

President of UCS Union, Andy Speed, fears that students will choose their uni or college based on the cheapest option, rather than the institution that offers them the course they would benefit from the most: 'This decision for many lower socio economic background students would lead them to picking the cheapest option rather then the option best for them.' 

Tom Dolton, Communications Officer at the Union of UEA Students, said:

'Education is a right, not a privilege. Today we saw another crippling blow to free education. We will continue to campaign and lobby MPs and parliament to realise the impact their decision will have upon students, universities and the future of our country.'

Heart reporter Neil Perry spoke to Rob Bloomer, Finance Officer at the Union of UEA Students, earlier today about the plans to continue their campaign to ensure the government's white paper, which will discuss the finer detail of the governments proposals for funding, is as fair as possible.