Suffolk: Ed Sheeran's Clothes Go Up For Auction

31 March 2014, 15:16 | Updated: 31 March 2014, 15:59

After Ed Sheeran tweeted to say he'd donated his clothes to charity shops in Framlingham, where he's from, they're going up for auction later.

Shops across the county were greeted by his parents last week who were donating bags full of clothes he'd worn on photo shoots, videos and live perfomances.

East Anglia's Children's Hopsics (EACH), where he is also an Ambassador, received eight bags and will be launching an online auction for fans to get their hands on the items, starting tonight.

Ed tweeted:

“Given my whole wardrobe to a bunch of charity shops. All stuff worn on shoots, videos and live, if you live around Suffolk it might be near you.”

A hunt for the donated items by fans and charities then started but it turned out they were still all bagged up in Ed’s parents’ house.

His Dad then took eight bags of Ed’s clothing to the EACH fundraising office in Ipswich.

Melanie Chew, EACH Director of Fundraising and Retail, said: “Ed became an EACH Ambassador in February, following a visit to The Treehouse in Ipswich where he met with children, families and staff to find out more about us. During his visit Ed took part in a music therapy session with the children and played guitar. He’s already made donations of Lego, musical instruments and the free use of his music for our publicity videos, as well as donating royalties from the sale of a signature guitar.

“We now have another wonderful opportunity to raise funds as a result of his generosity and are launching a special online auction of his clothes today.”

“We’ll also be saving some items for our new shop in Framlingham this Spring, as it’s the town where Ed grew up, and we’ll also be holding a few things back to auction off at fundraising events around the region.”

The following items will go up for auction tonight:

  • An Orvis red sweatshirt with a cat design

  • A PXL clothing black t-shirt with alphabet lettering

  • A PXL clothing grey sweatshirt with alphabet lettering

  • A PXL clothing black sweatshirt with alphabet lettering

  • An Oyisis jumper with a reindeer design

  • A blue t-shirt with the Ed Sheeran paw print logo

  • A Martin & Co orange hoodie

The auction's going live on eBay at 8pm this evening (Monday 31st March) and will end 10 days later on the evening of Wednesday 9th April.