Swaffham: School Worker Jailed For Sex Offences

6 November 2012, 11:17 | Updated: 6 November 2012, 12:10

A man employed as a school technician in Swaffham, Norfolk has been jailed after admitting child sex offences.

Andrew Morton, from Longfields, Swaffham, is today starting a five and half year sentence after admitting to 27 sexual offences earlier in the month.

Morton was a DT technician at Hamonds High School in the town and during his employment there over the past five years, groomed and abused several teenage girls.

He texted and used social media websites to contact his victims, often sending dozens of messages to get them to respond. He was convicted of offences including inciting sexual activity, indecent images and inappropriate sexual activity.

Having been originally arrested for the offences in May this year and immediately suspended from his role at the school, Morton admitted in interview to having a sexual relationship with one 15 year old victim, stating that he thought she was 16 years old. He also admitted to possessing images of bestiality.

Whilst on bail, with investigations continuing, Morton continued to contact pupils and ex-pupils sending messages, via text and social media websites, of a sexual nature.

Detective Inspector Debbie Gunnill, from the Vulnerable People Directorate, who led the investigation, welcomed the sentencing saying, “Morton acted in a very predatory manner, breaking his position of trust with both the school and parents, repeatedly contacting his victims as part of the grooming process. Norfolk Constabulary will always act in a robust manner to bring this type of offender to justice.”