Teenager Hit On Chilean X Factor

22 March 2011, 05:30 | Updated: 22 March 2011, 10:40

A 19-year old from Thetford has become a hit on this year's Chilean X Factor - or Factor X as it's called there.

Charlie Bick  - who used to be a chorister - is studying Spanish out in the capital of Santiago at the moment, but went along to the auditions when the people he lives with told him he should go after hearing him sing.

For his first audition he sang Robbie Williams, 'Angels' but then the judges asked him to sing in Spanish - which he did. He then got a 'Yes' from all four judges to be put through to the Boot Camp Stage.

Charlie told us - having never studied Spanish at school - he doesn't think the language barrier is a problem, in fact he thinks it it might have helped his first audition: "It was absolutely amazing because I walked on the stage and you know, the people look at you and try and make an opinion of you, and then after a few seconds the girls were screaming, so I felt more comfortable on stage, and obviously because I'm not excellent at Spanish, I'm not like a local, I think they wanted to help me a bit with getting through the audition."

After his video did well on You Tube he is now one of the favourites in the competition. We asked him how he felt about being 'tipped to win': "Well I was really happy and I felt great that my video did well on You Tube, because I didn't feel that I did it to the best of my ability...the audition, but I feel that I have a really good relationship with the public and with the other participants and the judging panel, so I think I'm very confident.......well quietly confident that I can do well."

The Chilean viewers will find out this week who goes through to the next round, but Charlie wasn't giving anything away: "I've had a great experience and I felt like I did everything as well, especially after the audition stage, so I'm looking forward to seeing it on telly as well, but I can't say more than that obviously..."

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