Police Give Warnings About Frozen Ice

23 December 2010, 10:00 | Updated: 23 December 2010, 10:05

Police and the Broads Authority are sending out warnings about the dangers of walking onto frozen rivers and lakes.

This comes after police were called to Little Plumstead on Monday after a group of children were skating on a frozen lake and officers from North Walsham Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) had to warn children playing on Bluebell Pond, as well as the village pond at Knapton.

Steve Birtles, Head of Waterways Strategy and Safety told Heart: "We understand the great temptation to go on the ice but it is exceedingly dangerous. The ice varies in thickness, so though it may look thick on the edge there will be areas of thin ice which you won't be able to detec before it is too late. My advice is to admire the view and don't go on to the ice."

Police Community Support Officer Paul McAllister from Acle Safer Neighbourhood Team agrees: "If the ice gives way, there is no telling how deep the water is and also how cold the water temperature is; our advice is to never venture on to frozen water."

Pet owners are also being warned and the Broads Authority are advising people to keep their dogs on a lead near frozen water in case they fall through thin ice and get into trouble.

Tim Edwards, Station Manager of Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service told Heart: "Only this week we were called to a pond in Norfolk to a nine-month-old Golden Labroador which had fallen into a frozen pond and was hanging on to the ice by its paws. Our crews managed to rescue the pupppy which was fine. Fortunately the owner was sensible enough not to go after the puppy as the danger comes when people attempt to rescue their pets and get into difficulties themselves."

Residents are being asked to contact the police on 0845 456 4567 if they notice anybody walking on the ice, or in an emergency always dial 999.