Worries Over Rising Fuel Costs

A woman who works with domestic abuse sufferers is telling HEART people might be missing out on her help because the cost of petrol means it's difficult for her to get to them.

Fuel prices have now risen to their highest for 10 years - going from £1.22 to £1.28 between mid-December and mid January.

Lorraine Saunders from Norwich, says it means her and the volunteers she works with have had to cut their support back and start charging for a service that until recently has been free.

The scheme she runs, relies on donations from people in the local area, she then takes the donations and distributes them to victims of domestic violence who may be forced to move out and often can’t afford set up a home for themselves.

Lorraine also gives support to victims by spending time with them, as a lot of the time the people are living alone. She’s now concerned that people will be left alone.

She said people can still get in contact with her through the website, facebook and twitter but she says that it’s not the same as seeing someone in person.

Lorraine had this to say "We used to do it 7 days a week but now we had to limit that to two days a week... it's really sad. We want to go out and help people but we just can't"

If you need to get in touch you can call them on 0844 884 3140