New Zealand Quake: Mum Speaks To Heart

24 February 2011, 07:35 | Updated: 7 March 2011, 16:56

A Mum who's son has been working in Christchurch in New Zealand has been telling Heart about what it has been like for her after the massive earthquake there two days ago.

28-year-old Russell Chambers from Laxfield near Framlingham in Suffolk has been working in bars there for the last year.

His Mum Angie told us she has heard from him to say he us safe but it is often difficult for him to call as there is no power, but she says from what he's told her there is so much devastation: "He said there was a helicopter up above him pouring water onto the fire on one building. Yesterday they were asking people to collect rain water in buckets because the water supply is not safe to drink. You feel a bit helpless, all that way away, and there is nothing you can do to help out. There's no power. He's got a group of friends who have congregated together. They've stockpiled what food they've got. You just have to try and think positive."

A British team of rescue workers are due to arrive there later.

92 people are now known to have died and a no fly zone has been set up around Christchurch so emergency services can hear any survivors still trapped.