Holly Jones

Album I'd save in a fire:
All my ‘Glee’ soundtracks – I’m a bit of a gleek. Oh and Britney Spears as I’m a huge fan

Favourite Food:
Definitely pizza. That’s also the answer to ‘if you could only have one food for the rest of your life what would it be?’

Who would play you in a film of your life:
Britney Spears again - not technically an ‘actress’ but I often get told I look like her so would probably be the best fit!

What you’d do with £1,000,000:
I would buy myself a house and probably another property in California or New York, give some of it to my family, go travelling to all the countries I’ve always wanted to go to, give some of it to charity – and being a girl - I’d do some serious shopping! (Although by the sounds of it this is going to cost way more than a million but one can dream!)

First childhood memory:
When I was at primary school we were doing a big school assembly and one of the scenes involved multi-coloured rain falling. I was cast as one of the dancing multi-coloured raindrops except I was given blue as my colour. I remember bursting into tears thinking I was the ‘normal’ raindrop – at the time I thought that’s what colour they were as that was how you drew them! My teacher had to explain otherwise!

Three words to describe you:
Chatty, pop-tastic, animal-lover (I may have cheated with hyphens)

Superpower I wish I had:
Time travel. I think Back to The Future has given me too many ideas!

Favourite place in the world:
It’s a toss up between Canada and Disneyworld.

Bad habits:
I over-analyse/over-think things way too much

Favourite joke:
Two sausages are in a frying pan. One says to the other “Argh it’s hot in here,’” the other says “Argh a talking sausage!”

If I could introduce one law, it would be:
I quite like the idea of a Spanish Siesta!

I would love/hate to be stuck in a lift with…
Love: Can I say Britney Spears again? Either her or Zac Efron!
Hate: Someone with claustrophobia

When I was young I wanted to be:
Either a Vet or on the radio!

My one guilty pleasure:
Reality TV

Proudest moment:
Probably getting a job at Heart (cheesy I know!)

Britney Spears disney Lady asleep in hammock