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Monday 13th September: Sister Act and 'Brother'ly Love

I was thinking at the weekend it’s hard to believe that my sister and I are from the same womb. She seems to have no fear when it comes to anything!

On Sunday she took part in a charity abseil down the tallest building in Reading. I think my mum who was watching was more petrified than she was! A great achievement and lots of money for charity but I would never be able to bring myself to do anything like that

I bottled it at Go Ape in Thetford during the summer as my legs turned to jelly midway through. I’m convinced as you get older you develop this fear, well I have anyway as I remember in my late teens and early twenties I didn’t have any fear at all. I know she would have been perfectly safe but it’s that whole stepping into ( or over in her case ) the unknown and putting your faith in the equipment and total strangers that would petrify me.

Having said that we are not all that different as she told me she hummed the A Team theme tune as she came down the side of this glass building just like B.A in the movie. We have the same sense of humour I guess!

Big Brother

Just as an aside this week….was there a part of you that felt a little sad on Friday when Big Brother finished for the last time?
I think it had lost its way a bit over the past couple of years but it was such a massive part of some of our lives and summers over the past decade wasn’t it? I mean there we were in the height of some summers stuck in doors religiously every night watching the telly when we should have been outside making the most of the balmy nights.

I must admit I really got into Ultimate Big Brother at the end and wish they had run that from the start this year. So pleased that Brian Dowling won the Ultimate Housemate as he was always my favourite. Let me know your favourite housemate or highlight of the last ten years.

Monday 6th September: Who do you think you are?

Some exciting news in the Marston family this week

My dad is currently tracing our family tree and has found a link to Walt Disney! Quite cool to think that Mickey and Minnie could be at a future family party lol!

A while ago I did a similar trace and found that we are also related to Hugh Heffner somewhere along the line, albeit a very tenuous connection but I’ll take it.

Even more exciting news is that we also have a family member who is an accountant in Sydney, Austrailia. Funny to think that we may well have been in the same bar, shop or beach when I was there for Christmas and New Year last year. It's all fascinating stuff though isn’t it?

Let me know if you have traced your family tree and if you have any interesting findings. Have a good week

Tuesday 31st August:

Some friends and I are doing 'Come Dine with Me' at each others houses over the next few weekends.

It was the first one on Saturday and talk about set the standard for the rest of the competition. We had a gorgeous five course meal cooked by a proper Italian.

Now slightly worried about my turn though as they have really set the standard for the rest of the competition.

My only saviour is that I am going last so at least I can see what everybody else has done then really pull out all the stops at the end.

If you have any suggestions of dinner party dishes that have been a success for you then let me know on email. The only thing is that I am selling my flat at the moment so I have to keep it nice and tidy all the time just in case anybody pops round to have a look so it can’t be anything too smelly if you see what I mean!

If you can help send me an email below...