10 named and shamed in Police Crackdown

Northamptonshire Police say Operation Guardian has cut burglary, robbery and vehicle crime by almost 20% over the past six months.

To mark the half-year anniversary of the operation, which was launched on September 14, Northamptonshrie Police have published the photos of ten men who have received sentences totalling 37 years.

Many of the offenders arrested and charged with offences linked to serious acquisitive crime have now been convicted at court.

Superintendent Pete Windridge, the Force lead on Operation Guardian, said: “Guardian has been all about targeting those people linked to serious acquisitive crime in the county.

“We have carried out numerous warrants as part of regular high impact days to demonstrate that there is no resting place for those who blight our communities by committing robberies, burglaries and vehicle crime, or by being linked to these criminal activities.

“There will be no let up in our determination to bring these criminals to book.

“Our aim is to safeguard members of the public, their homes and their vehicles.

“We will continue to work closely with our partners and keep the pressure on those people whose actions affect the vast majority of the law-abiding public.”

Operation Guardian sentences

  • Hughie Langdon (aged 19): 4 years robbery NB
  • Darren Start (30): 7 years robbery NB
  • John Paul Owen (36): 7 years robbery NB
  • Matthew Brown (20): 4 years burglary NB
  • James Monaghan (65): 3 years agg burglary NB
  • Jake Carley (19): 2 years att burglary WB
  • Anthony Spring (20): 2 years 3 robbery WB
  • Ricky McAtamney (20): 4 years 6 robbery/theft WB
  • Darren Kimpton (46): 2 years 6 burglary WB
  • Marcus Barrett (23): 2 years 7 robbery WB