90 Year Old Woman Robbed At Home In Broad Daylight

28 December 2013, 05:58 | Updated: 28 December 2013, 06:00

A £2,000 reward is being offered after a 90-year-old widow was robbed at knife-point in her own home by a man who took war medals awarded to her late husband and father.

The masked robber got into her home in Debdale Road, Northampton between half past eight and nine o'clock in the morning on Sunday December 22.

He threatened the elderly woman and stole WW1 medals, left to her by her late father. He took a WW2 Burma Star awarded to her late husband and engraved: 'Charles Durant.'

Solid silver knives, a glass dish, silver vintage cigarette lighter, a silver letter opener and alcohol and food were also taken.

Northants Police say the robber was white, 6 feet tall and slim. He was between 24 and 26, wearing black clothing, a dark-coloured face covering and possibly gloves.

DI Allly White said: "Not only is the victim elderly, but the callous offender has attacked her in her own home, at Christmas, and stolen things that have immense sentimental value to her. We are doing everything we can to catch the person responsible and re-unite the victim with her treasure medals. We really need the public to help by telling us if they have any information or have been approached by someone trying to sell any of the stolen items."

Crimestoppers are putting up the £2,000 reward.  The medals are: a Star - campaign medal, George medal and a Victory Medal.