Admin Error Invites Baby To Give A Speech

21 September 2012, 16:00

The family of a 15 month old tot were shocked when he was sent a letter asking him to attend a council meeting.

Baby Oakley can barely speak, yet Northampton Borough Council asked if he would share his views on their proposals for changes to the Housing Allocation and Tenancy Strategy.

Heart spoke to Oakley's grandfather Bob Barrett who says he and his daughter saw the funny side of it but says he's shocked that 

Letter To Baby Oakley

the council could make an error like this.

Northampton Borough Council say:

“This was a complex administrative process and unfortunately the system selected a child’s name by mistake. This invite should have gone to Oakley’s parents; we are sorry for this mistake and have contacted the family to apologise.”

Bob says they did consider taking Oakley to the meeting at The Guildhall but it was past his bedtime.