Crime down in Wellingborough

5 January 2011, 17:53 | Updated: 5 January 2011, 17:56

Crime in Wellingborough dropped by 17 per cent in 2010 compared with the previous calendar year.

During the last 12 months, the number of burglaries has fallen by 44 per cent (from 511 to 287) and robberies are down 45 per cent (from 119 to 66).

There were 116 fewer thefts of vehicles and 365 fewer incidents of criminal damage.

Overall there were 1,229 fewer crimes committed in the district than in 2009.

Inspector Nick Lyall, of Wellingborough Police, said: “I am extremely proud of these results and they are testament to the hard work we have put in during 2010.

“We cannot work without the support of the local community and I continue to encourage people to come forward with any information they have so that we can make 2011 as successful as 2010 was.”

“This drop in crime has come about by proactively targeting those criminals that our intelligence tells us are actively offending in Wellingborough.

“We have continued to develop strong links with partners, including the local authority and Wellingborough Homes, and have used these links to support our policing. Operation Guardian has also played a big part in supporting this activity.”

Anyone with information about those committing crime in Wellingborough should contact the town’s Safer Community Team on 03000 111 222.

Anyone with information, who would prefer to give it on an anonymous basis, can ring Crimestoppers on the freefone number 0800 555 111.

The relevant statistics are as follows:-
All crime – down from 7315 to 6086 (-1229 crimes)  -17%
Burglary Dwelling – down from 511 to 287 (-224 crimes) -44%
Theft from vehicle – down from 518 to 357 (-161 crimes) -31%
Theft of vehicle – down from 325 to 209 (-116 crimes) -36%
Robbery – down from 119 to 66 (-53 crimes)   -45%
Burglary other – down from 851 to 502 (-349 crimes)  -41%
Criminal Damage –down from 1761 to 1396 (-365 crimes)-21%
Violence – down from 1144 to 1111 (-33 crimes)    -3%
Drugs offences are up by 111 crimes from 182 to 293 (a 61 per cent increase) because of the positive and proactive stance being  taken against drugs and drug use in Wellingborough.