Expensive rings stolen in Kettering

18 January 2011, 18:00 | Updated: 18 January 2011, 18:06

Expensive rings were stolen from a display at a shop in Kettering.

Two Asian men went into the Titu Boutique in the High Street between twenty to two and two o'clock on Saturday afternoon.

While the shop assistants were busy with other customers, they stood by an open display of gold and silver rings and cut the wire securing them to the display.

The removed ten rings of considerable value and left.
The first thief had short black hair, dark thick eyebrows, a large flat nose and a square jawline. He was aged in his late twenties to early thirties, around 5ft 8ins tall, of skinny build and was wearing a dark-coloured jacket and black trousers.
The second had short black hair and he had a small nose and a round face. He is also aged in his late twenties or early thirties, is around 5ft 6ins tall of large build and was wearing a black duffel coat and black trousers.