Money Motive For Hungarian Murder

11 August 2011, 06:00 | Updated: 12 August 2011, 17:35

Police investigating the murder of a Hungarian immigrant at his terraced home in Wellingborough have revealed that he was a wealthy man - despite living a simple and frugal life.

76-year-old Karoly Varga, known as Charlie, had properties he rented out in Wellingborough as well as investments and pensions.

Police now believed the motive for the murder was theft as Mr Varga also lent money, which he kept in his house in Cannon Street. Police found that his home had been searched and had been emptied of cash.

Mr Varga's body was discovered on Saturday 30 July. Police had gone to his home after a concerned relative had been unable to contact him.

A post mortem examination found that Mr Varga, who had two adult daughters and an adult son, died from head injuries inflicted with a bladed weapon, most likely during Friday 29 July. 

Yesterday (Thursday August 11th) a spokesperson for Northants Police said: "Officers have confirmed they now believe that whilst Mr Varga chose to live a basic and thrifty lifestyle he in fact was relatively wealthy and had a regular income through pensions, investments and properties he rented in Wellingborough.

"It is also known that Mr Varga often lent money to people he knew in order to help them.

"It is also believed that he would have had cash in his home and some evidence of potential searching at the property has been found by officers.

"A search of his home has not located any money and it is likely that theft was the motive for the attack."

In addition, when Mr Varga was found, his house was locked and the back door keys missing, indicating that the killer may have left the property via the back door.

Detective Chief Inspector Martin Kinchin, leading the investigation, said: "This is unlikely to be a burglary gone wrong or a random attack, but instead I believe that Mr Varga was targeted by somebody who he knew or he knew of. I now believe that Mr Varga received a visitor to the front door at lunchtime on Wednesday 27 July. I am very keen to speak with this person, who has yet to come forward.

"As well as speaking to anybody who has visited Mr Varga in the last few months, I am also very keen to talk to anybody who he assisted by lending them money, whether the money has been repaid or not.

"Any information we receive can help us build a picture of Mr Varga's life, his last movements and potentially those of the killer.

"We have been distributing leaflets in different languages in the area, and we had interpreters stationed at Wellingborough police station on Wednesday 10 August to speak with people who may have valuable information but do not speak English.

"Sadly we have had limited contact through the interpreters and I would remind anyone who wishes to speak to us, that they can do this anonymously through Crimestoppers."

Detectives are still searching for the missing murder weapon.

Two men and two women who were arrested have been bailed.