Olympic Torch - Geddington

Meet Your Torchbearers

London 2012 Olympic torch Name: Barbara Crowther
Hometown: Desborough
Age: 58
Nomination: Barbara is an inspiration to the thousands of children she has taught over the years. She is always enthusiastic, lively and encouraging. Barbara is involved in a great deal of community functions including keeping the town carnival going, supporting the British Legion with children taking part in local events and organising the children to visit, sing and dance to the 3 local elderly people's homes. Barbara is well know locally for her love of the Royals and will go to London whenever possible to get a glimpse of them. Barbara has another big time wish and that is to be a volunteer helper for the London 2012 Olympics. She is a real traditionalist and likes to keep traditions going and pass these onto the next generation. Barbara is remarkable and the children and community would agree
London 2012 Olympic torch Name: Charlie Preston
Hometown: Towcester
Age: 24
Nomination: Charlie works within the Northamptonshire General Hospital and brings care and laughter to different patients each and every day. She loves to entertain people and put a smile on their faces both at work and in her home life. Her main goal in life is just to make a difference. She does this every day by making people laugh and providing care for patients at work but she knows she has the qualities to do this on a bigger scale and hopes that one day she can show this. She would be so proud to carry the Olympic torch and would love the opportunity to have this once in a lifetime experience.
Olympic Torch - Gian Paolo Cioccia Name: Gian Paolo Cioccia
Hometown: Rome
Age: 50
Nomination: In February of 2011, I assisted with a campaign organized by Rotary International to provide polio inoculations to children in India. I had hands-on experience with a reality that is rarely spoken about, but which represents a real and pressing problem in the world. It is impossible to describe what it was like to realize that more than 600 children could be vaccinated and saved from the grave threat of disability that comes with the disease, for a mere 60 cents a shot. It is also impossible to forget the joy in their smiles, in spite of all the challenges they faced.
London 2012 Olympic torch Name: Luke Somerville
Hometown: Northampton
Age: 17
Nomination: Our son Luke has cerebral palsy and is in a wheelchair, he cannot walk and only has one hand that works. 5 years ago we were told that he would not cope with mainstream secondary school let alone take GCSEs, this month he sits 6 GCSEs including History all of which he is due to pass. He has been accepted into college in September to study a course in music technology. He is also an explorer scout and takes part in all the things his able bodied mates do including the annual Gang Show, canoeing, climbing and even caving. He is also a big follower of the Olympics and is a very patriotic lad, in fact we had to record the opening and closing ceremonies of the last couple of olympics so he was able to watch them back many times. He would love to have a part in this once in a lifetime occassion so I hope that you will consider him.