Olympic Torch - Isham

Meet Your Torchbearers

London 2012 Olympic torch Name: John Doran
Hometown: Northants
Age: 53
Nomination: JD is quite simply the most thoughtful and generous individual, bringing kindness and laughter and making a big difference to the lives of all who live in Geddington and Newton, and in Kettering and Corby. JD has always been busy in the community e.g. as Chair of the Parents Association and Commanding Officer of the Geddington Volunteer Fire Brigade Charity. He took early retirement from the Police in Christmas 2003 , after being diagnosed with cancer and given four years or less to live. Rather than let it beat him, he has ignored the odds and has thrown himself into more charity and volunteer work
Wellingborough - Ryan Cooper Name: Ryan Cooper
Hometown: Leicestershire
Age: 12
Nomination: Ryan attends Ellesmere special school in Leicester and is in year 7. He deserves his chance to shine as his attitude and effort are a real inspiration to others. Ryan is a very keen sportsman and takes a full and determined part in as many activities as he can. His achievements and level of performance are nothing short of remarkable as he overcomes physical disability, learning disability and a number of health issues to do so. He has recently won a place on the school football team through his hard work and determination