Olympic Torch - Wellingborough

 Meet Your Wellingborough Torchbearers

Wellingborough Torch Name: Alexandra Riley
Hometown: Towcester
Age: 56
Nomination: My mum is a wonderful candidate. Recently she without hesitation ran into a burning building, pulled an 80 year old, bed ridden lady out of the top window and down some ladders to safety before the building burnt down. The fire crews said that the lady would have died if it wasn't for my mum's selfless and brave actions. She's a figure-head of the community and an asset which cannot be measured, who is loved by the village and especially her family. I think she is a model candidate for her lifesaving actions
Wellingborough Torch Name: Andrea Malvestiti
Hometown: Sant'elpidio A Mare
Age: 31
Nomination: One night when I was at university, I became a hero by chance. A girl had decided to take her own life by cutting the gas line in her apartment. Fortunately, I smelled it. With the help of her roommates, I called the fire department, opened the windows in the stairwell to circulate air, and to wake up everyone in the building so it could be evacuated. All of this was done without turning on lights or sounding bells, in case of causing sparks.
Wellingborough Torch Name: Chris Hester
Hometown: Brackley
Age: 66
Nomination: Christine is an amazing women, she has been fostering children for over 40 years and has now fostered over 400 children. Christine has brought these children into her home and treated them as if they were her own. Christine goes above and beyond for the children, some who have had terrible upbringings and some who are disabled. Christine will take the children on holiday as she would her own every year. Some children have never seen the seaside before, and Christine ensures they get to experience it. Christine can have children of all different age ranges, and also a few at a time
Wellingborough Torch Name: Kathy Randall
Hometown: Wellingborough
Age: 63
Nomination: At 63 I have maintained an active lifestyle and have found that it helps to relieve stress keep me mentally alert and keep physically fit.Following major surgery in which I donated a kidney to my brother in law I am hoping to run in a half marathon next year to raise funds for renal research. I am not young and in fact was born in 1948 the year that London last had the Olympic Games. I hope to inspire others by having a positive attitude and hopefully by being a role model. If I could carry the Olympic Flame I think it would particularly be an inspiration to ordinary people especially the over 60s as it will show that there is still so much that we can do as we get older
Wellingborough Torch Name: Maurizio Guttilla
Hometown: Misilmeri
Age: 34
Nomination: In February of 2007, I was suddenly diagnosed with an aortic aneurysm. I had to undergo a delicate 9-hour open-heart surgery. Now, 4 years after the fact, I am a professional nurse and dedicate my time to saving others lives.
Wellingborough Torch Name: Mike Nichols
Hometown: Northampton
Age: 71
Nomination: Mike Nichols is an inspiration to us all in our Northamptonshire village. In the beautiful place where Kinky Boots was inspired, Mike works tirelessly with the Air Cadets, the Royal British Legion, the Royal Air Force Association, the Drama Group and the Community Speedwatch to make our village a better place to live and raise children. Mike is an energetic 70 year old who is the father figure to his fatherless grand-daughter and the anchor to his actress wife. He brings us all happiness and is the mainstay to several village charities
Wellingborough Torch Name: Nicola Kenton
Hometown: Rushden
Age: 16
Nomination: Nicola is my daughter and never ceases to amaze me with her determination to do everything. She was born with dislocated hips and since reaching her teens has been diagnosed with Joint hypermobility syndrome whereby her joints can disclocate (hips, shoulders, ankles) and her muscles have to work twice as hard as normal. She has continued to train with our local swimming club but has had to give up on her racing due to the fact that her condition deteriorated and was unable to do certain strokes. She is part of a youth management committee at church where she helps organise fund raising events with other youngsters.
Wellingborough Torch Name: Parul Noble
Hometown: Wellingborough
Age: 44
Nomination: It gives me great pleasure and satisfaction to help raise money for such worthwhile causes as without the help of community members and these organisations they would not be able to survive financially. They offer great help and support to local people therefore I feel everyone should do their own little bit to help. Giving up my own time has never been an issue or a problem as I love the outcome of the total raised for the chosen charity. I would love to have the chance to take part in this great event in 2012.
London 2012 Olympic torch Name: Ruth Allen
Hometown: Wellingborough
Age: 56
Nomination: Ever since I met Ruth some 20 years ago she has tirelessly dedicated her life to helping 100's of young people in Northamptonshire and particularly in the Wellingborough area, to communicate through the media of making music at a FANTASTIC LEVEL - as individuals, in small groups, in bands or in large practically professional orchestras. They have all gained tremendously in self esteem and in scholastic ability and in sheer enjoyment of the music