Corby Salon Offers A Snail Facial

1 September 2013, 06:47 | Updated: 2 September 2013, 10:12

A health and wellbeing salon in Corby has become the first in the UK to offer a facial using live snails.

Diane Gower who runs Simply Divine Alternative Spa told Heart she got the idea for the treatment from Tokyo where it's very popular.

Therapists put three snails onto the clients face and they're allowed to slither around leaving a trail of slime. They're carefully monitored by at least two trained therapists to make sure they avoid the mouth and eyes.

Mrs Gower warns that these snails they use have been specially farmed for them in a safe environment and people should not attempt to do the treatment themselves with garden snails.

She says the slime produced by the snails is good for the skin.

"The snail has hyaluronic acid in its slime which is like a skin peel," she said. "It's got protein in there, so for people who have got perhaps skin conditions it's very beneficial."

Diane has compared the effects of the treatment to Botox.

The treatment is in the second week of a six week trial but have already had people coming in asking for a Snail Facial.

Suzie, who's one of the eight people taking part in the trial, told Heart the thought of having snails on her face doesn't faze her at all.

She says it feels very similar to a regular facial with the snails putting a light pressure on her skin as they move around.