David Ross Murder: CCTV

11 June 2013, 13:59 | Updated: 11 June 2013, 14:09

Police investigating the murder of a nightclub boss found dead at a hotel in Corby say they are building a clearer picture of what happened.

David Ross, who was also known as Les, was found dead in his hotel room at Corby's Village Inn Express Hotel on Monday 17 December 2012.  He had been beaten to death.

As the six-month anniversary of Mr Ross’s death approaches, the investigation team are once again appealing for any outstanding information from within the Corby community.

Detective Inspector Martin Kinchin, who is leading the investigation, said: “We have gathered a lot of information regarding the last movements of Mr Ross and now have a much better idea of the circumstances that led to his death.

“We are grateful to Les’s family, his friends and many members of the public who have enabled us to build this picture.

“But there are still a few loose ends we are looking to tie up and I believe the answers lie within people who were in The Jamb that Monday morning.

“While Les was quite a private person, we now know he sometimes confided in friends and as a popular man in the in the nightclub arena he spent a lot of time talking with women.

“On the weekend he died he would have spoken to hundreds of people and we are still keen to hear from anybody who spoke to him, particularly women who he often spent longer talking to.”

Detective Inspector Kinchin said there was now more information about the man captured by CCTV crossing Chapel Lane during the early hours of that Monday morning.

He added: “We believe that man entered the car park and got into a Vauxhall Insignia car which was then driven off along Rockingham Road.

“We also believe this man entered the Chocolate Shop in The Jamb at around 7.40am on the day of the murder.

“If you have more information about this man, then please contact the murder incident room on 101.

“We would also like to hear from anyone who was waiting at the bus stop in The Jamb at that time of the morning. If you were in the Jamb, and haven’t spoken to us, please come forward.”

A 39-year-old man from Corby has been arrested and released on bail on suspicion of the murder of Mr Ross.

Below is the CCTV image of the man crossing Chapel Lane on the morning of the day David Ross was found dead in Corby's Village Inn Express hotel.

David Ross Murder CCTV