Do you know first aid?

A new study's found most people in the East Midlands lack basic first aid training and over half wouldn't know what to do to in an emergency.

That is according to a new study from first aid charity St John Ambulance.

It found two-thirds (58%) wouldn’t feel confident trying to save a life. A quarter (24%) would do nothing and wait for an ambulance to arrive or hope that a passer-by knows first aid and around a third (39%) would try and do first aid even though they are not sure what to do.

The charity is launching a hard-hitting campaign depicting 5 common scenarios in which first aid could have been the difference between a life lost and a life saved: choking, heart attacks, unconciousness, loss of breath and bleeding.

To listen too Scott Coley - a first aid trainer from Northampton talking to HEART about the campaign click here.